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Personal Development • Emotional Intelligence • Parenting • Y en Español. Oh and I make a mean sandwich.

Food & Health

A short explanation

Overhead shot of fruits and vegetables on a distressed wooden table.
Photo by Dan-Cristian Pădureț on Unsplash

Ever since my wife and I went vegan, we no longer get sick. If we feel like we’re coming down with something, we do two things: eat and rest. That’s it. Whatever it was is gone in a few hours or by the next morning at the latest.


Even though we do have some natural, vegan medications which reduce the duration and severity of a cold or flu and boost recovery, we basically stopped taking over-the-counter medicine about five years ago. …

And how it can help you too

Two pairs of extended hands holding each other.
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In October of 2019, my dad died. He was 83. Since he wanted his remains to be used for research, his body was taken rather quickly. My siblings and I had to wait several months for his ashes. By the time his funeral service was to take place, COVID-19 had hit. The church canceled the service. The traditional order of things never came to pass.

A few days after my dad died, my wife asked me how I was doing. I immediately said, “I’m fine.” After I asked how she was doing, she paused and began tearing up. …


A simple guide to taking better pictures

Photo by author

When was the last time you took a picture? Were you happy with the result? Was something off? Were you able to tell what it was? Do you know what the subject was? Would someone else know if they looked at your photo?

Unless you know about photography, you don’t have these answers. Fortunately, these questions are not difficult to answer. And with a little help, you can produce better photos in no time.

The goal here

This article is about framing. In laymen’s terms, it’s how and what you’re taking a picture of, where everything ends up in your photo. …


It’s not what you think

Three strawberries atop a table.
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

When my wife and I went vegan, we didn’t know anything about veganism. I was against it. The reason? Ignorance.

My childhood best friend had become vegan about twenty years prior; that didn’t help me. He had embarked on something I didn’t have the capacity to understand. I asked a handful of questions but never followed his lead or inquired about the lifestyle change.

I didn’t know it at the time, but veganism would eventually become my biggest lifestyle change and bring with it the best “benefit” ever, a child.

My health

Besides a couple of necessary but standard surgeries over the…

Raúl Güereque

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